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Providing the right partners

At CDN Life Solutions we believe in focusing on our core competencies - investment consulting and financial planning - and working closely with carefully chosen partners who are experts in their respective fields.

This helps us provide a fuller range of services, both higher in quality and efficiency. Most importantly, it gives us more time to focus our attention where it belongs: on servicing your needs.

Access to an unlimited choice of financial products
As "whole of market" advisers, we are free to choose from an unlimited number of financial products, funds and investment opportunities. We are entirely unbiased and independent. The choices we make are based purely on your interests.

Portfolio administration
We work with a leading portfolio administration company to help you consolidate your wealth, saving you time, expenses and paperwork. It puts you in control and simplifies your life.

Risk profiling and investment analysis
We use a sophisticated independent Risk Profiling system that provides a scientific assessment of your financial risk tolerance in plain English, as well as independent, market leading investment analysis.

Cash flow modelling
Market leading cash flow modelling software is used to provide you with a visual representation of your entire financial position.

Professional experts
The qualified accountants, lawyers and other professionals we can recommend are known, trusted and leading practitioners in their specialised fields. Where required, we can create an integrated team of expert professionals who talk to each other and work well together in your best interest. We are also happy to work closely with your existing professional advisers.

We create the tangible, relevant benefits enabling you to live the life you choose. Not the one circumstances dictate.