preserve  enhance  transfer  protect  wealth

Asking you what you want, so we can provide what you need

Our consultative approach to wealth management tackles the major concerns you inevitably have. An obvious list - including preserving, enhancing, transferring and protecting your wealth - but not obvious answers.

In our experience the big questions are:

  • What do I have to do to ensure that I never ever run out of money?
  • How much more could I afford to spend or give away and still never run out of money?
  • How much do I need to earn, save or sell my business for to give me what I want in life?
  • When precisely can I afford to stop doing the things that are a drag and start doing the things I really enjoy?
  • What's the least amount of risk I need to take?
  • Exactly what level of investment return do I need to achieve?
  • And possibly the biggest question of all, how much money is enough?

Answering these helps you evaluate and take the many important financial decisions needed to provide the properly fulfilling life you plan for and expect.

So, our process all starts by getting to know you. You do the talking, we do the listening. We will work with you to define your financial goals, analyse options and develop strategies together.

No one solution fits all. Which is why we tailor solutions to meet the challenges and opportunities unique to your situation. We will develop a plan to keep you on track to reach your goals and adapt it as your circumstances change and as new challenges and opportunities emerge.

We will also work with your other advisers - such as your accountant and solicitor - to make sure that proper planning is done and effective implementation takes place.

Here we can either work with your existing advisers or provide referrals to those we work with regularly.

We take pride in responding quickly to our clients as well as proactively planning in anticipation of any changes before they occur.

It's why we call it our Consultative Wealth Management Service.